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About  Renovare Mt Gravatt

Experience and Passion

Adam got into building and construction through his family’s business doing everything from new homes, landscaping, renovations and extensions.

He took a real liking to renovations and extensions because of the satisfaction of giving an existing home a new lease on life.

Now he’s joined forces with Renovare to begin a new way of renovating to the Mt Gravatt area.

Adam has 11 years experience in building and construction beginning his career as a boat builder for Riviera. He then started working as a carpenter in the family business.

Adam built his first home with his partner and both worked on this project over the weekends to build a dream home suited to their hopes of raising a family in the near future.

When he’s not renovating homes Adam loves camping, fishing, boating and four-wheel driving with family and friends.

Whether it’s a total house transformation, an extension, kitchen upgrade or bathroom renovation, we can help no matter how big or small. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your renovation goals and discover how Renovare can help you transform your home into the space you’ve always wanted.

Our Team

A new vision for  Renovation

Adam was inspired by Renovare’s vision and innovative concepts for breathing new life into a client’s home.

Being part of a supportive team environment which values a professional and friendly approach to working with clients helps make achieving this goal straightforward.

The building and renovation process can often feel daunting for clients, so Adam values a supportive approach to working with clients that help to put them at ease and makes the process easy, smooth and exciting for them.

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Renovare Mt Gravatt Internal renovation

Premium Renovations

Your premium renovation starts here!

Specialising in premium renovations, Adam brings with him many years of experience as a carpenter and is passionate about high quality renovations customised to the client’s needs.

Adam values the relationships he develops with his clients as it is the best way to understand their goals for their renovation. It ensures he is able to create a quality home renovation that customers will enjoy for years to come.

Local Renovations

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Mount Gravatt & the surrounding suburbs are a thriving area for renovations due to the number of older homes – post war and Queenslander style homes – that people are wanting to breathe new life into.

It has become a popular area for young families or young people looking to start a family and a lot of these people are wanting to give the homes a fresh feel and create a space that is suitable for their family’s needs.

Breathing New Life into Your Renovation

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