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Premium Granny Flat Builders – Attached and Detached

Though granny flats have been widely known for housing our elderly family members on our property, Australians are transforming them into much more, giving these buildings a variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking into converting a granny flat to an art studio, retreat, rental opportunity or perhaps something else, Adam and the Renovare Mt Gravatt team are experienced granny flat builders who can assist with bringing your vision to life.

Granny Flat Construction

If you’re considering installing a granny flat, whether it’s attached or detached, Renovare provides a dependable granny flat construction service. Although these buildings are great for keeping our family close, they are now being transformed into so much more. From art studios, teenage and adult retreats, guest rooms and rental opportunities, granny flats have opened a whole new world that caters to each generation. By engaging granny flat builders to add the new addition to your home, you could also see the value of your property increase – as long as your new granny flat complies with local council regulations.

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Granny Flat Extensions

If you’re after added space on your property or your home, attached and detached granny flat extensions are a cost effective solution. Suitable for many uses, attached granny flats take up less space on the property while offering more internally, and can be used for an extra bedroom, living space, a home office, or an area for a family member to live in. When it comes to detached granny flats, they offer optimal privacy for family, friends, or potential tenants, and open the opportunity for more design aspects. Say you’re renting out a home, but you’re interested in adding another tenant to the property – detached granny flat extensions are a great choice. 

Experts Granny Flat Builders

If granny flat construction plans are on the cards for you, Adam from Renovare Mt Gravatt and his specialised granny flat builders will get job done for you, in line with your budget and to your specific requirements. Our team has extensive experience in granny flat building and extensions and will walk you through the entire process to keep the project stress-free. We understand there are a lot of regulations, laws and rules that go into the construction of a granny flat, and you won’t have to go through any of it on your own.

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Granny Flat Construction: Our Process

01. Concept

Here is where our team of builders work alongside you to conceptualise an idea for the perfect granny flat for your property and future use. This includes whether you would prefer an attached or detached dwelling, the style and size, and the layout of the granny flat.

02. Approval

Our specialised team of architects and designers will bring together a pitched layout for your granny flat, which you can either approve or make changes to, that will also be in line with council regulations. They will also ensure that all approvals are signed off on before commencing any work.

03. Build

After everything has been approved, our builders will be able to start bringing the overall design together. Whether it’s attached to your home or somewhere on your property, our builders will ensure the process is done in a timely manner and to a quality standard.

Brisbane Granny Flat Extensions

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Adam Town

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