Laundry Renovations and Laundry Upgrades

Don’t overlook one of the hardest-working spaces in the home!

Why do Laundry Renovations?

If we asked you what your favourite chore of the house is, we know you probably wouldn’t say it’s doing the laundry. This is why it’s important to create a space that’s enjoyable, bright, and specific to your lifestyle. Nowadays, design is skyrocketing and there are so many ideas and solutions for transforming a room into something new and a laundry renovation could be exactly what your home needs!

For visually appealing and smart functioning laundry room renovations, it’s important to consider some specific aspects:

  • The overall layout
  • Clever and functional storage
  • Drying and hanging racks
  • Clothing airer or dryer
  • Upgrade of appliances

Any renovation calls for experts who can deliver a product you’re proud to own. At Renovare Mt Gravatt, our builder Adam and his laundry room renovations team have many years of experience in renovating and take pride in working together with clients to create a laundry space that is both beautiful and functional. After discussing the needs and plans for your new zone, our designers and builders will produce a plan for you to approve before work commences.

Whether you’re wanting a European Laundry, by combining your kitchen and laundry space to create a hidden laundry, an industrial-style laundry, or simply a seamless modern layout, the laundry upgrades experts have got you covered.

If you’re planning a laundry renovation, laundry upgrades, or are ready to make a start now, get in touch the team and the Renovare today!

The Overall Layout

When it comes to the practicality of a laundry renovation, we like to recommend generously sized cabinetry and plenty of bench space to complete your tasks with ease. In a laundry, we suggest installing overhead cabinets or shelving where you can store your launder and cleaning products out of sight.

When it comes to your laundry sink, why not consider a deep farmhouse style sink or a modern stainless-steel sink? Not only are they easy to clean, but they keep their longevity as well. For minor laundry room renovations, our upgrades can be custom designed to suit your existing appliances and to create more of an open layout for comfort. Adam and team can work with you to bring all of your ideas into action.

Functional Storage & Hanging Racks

With any home renovation, storage is at the forefront of everyone’s planning. From ironing board cupboards (and even drawers) to full-length cupboards, there is never enough storage. If you’re only looking to make the best use of your current space, hidden laundries offer a convenient, neat, and compact solution for those zones that are much smaller. For those who don’t have an issue with space, consider a built-in ironing board, airer, or hideaway cupboards for the ultimate convenience of your laundry.

Clothes Airer and Dryers

Thanks to the beautiful weather in Queensland, it’s extremely convenient that we can hang our clothes outside for them to dry. However, in the circumstances that you can’t hang your clothes out, an airer will do the trick! This is something that can easily be installed in the laundry, that way you can fold it out and it won’t take up much space at all. A clothes airer that is built into a laundry can also provide an incentive to use it instead of the dryer, which is beneficial not only to the environment, but your energy bills as well.

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Upgrading Appliances

In a very short time, our laundry appliances have shifted to a new way of operation. When it comes to investing in a dryer, the best option you can consider is a dryer that will collect the moisture from your wet clothes in a separate container or filter. Our awesome Renovare Mt Gravatt team can help YOU choose the right appliances and offer custom laundry design fitting solutions to accommodate whatever choices you decide on.  

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Adam and our team are experts in working with customers to design the most functional, beautiful, and convenient laundry renovations projects! Arrange a consultation with Adam, our home renovation builder, today to get started!

A Sample Of Recent Renovare Renovations

Where to Start?

Our team can work with you to help create the dream laundry room renovation you’ve always wanted. By following a simple three-step process toward transforming your home and living the lifestyle that best suits your situation, you can rest assured that we can produce an outstanding upgrade:

01. Concept

Let’s discuss your dream laundry upgrades and discover more about transforming your existing space into an innovative and functional modern layout.

02. Approval

Here at Renovare Mt Gravatt, Adam takes pride in working with you to transform concepts into a working plan, along with taking care of all the required documentation and approvals so that you don’t have to stress.

03. Build

Careful planning and preparation translate to a smooth laundry renovation with minimal stress on your end. Adam and our builders Mt Gravatt team take the worry out of your renovation project so that you can have a memorable experience.

The Laundry Renovation Experts

Our team are dedicated laundry renovation builders who will not only listen to your visions and ideas but will assist you in making informed decisions relating to the possibilities and expectations of your project. Our laundry renovations Brisbane Southside builders also ensure the process is enjoyable and that you are involved and well communicated throughout each stage of your new laundry being brought to life!

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If you’re ready to start a laundry upgrades you owe it yourself to talk with the thlaundry renovations experts today!

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