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Lift House and Build Under

Thinking about adding another storey under your home? Renovare Mt Gravatt is here to help. Renovations such as a lift house and build under can add significant value to your property and are a fantastic idea for a growing family who wishes to stay put. However, when it comes to house lifting, care must be taken to choose the right builders as when done incorrectly, a house lift can cause significant structural damage to your property. Choosing a building company that specialises in house raising is key to preventing costly mistakes and protecting the foundation of your home.  Almost any home that is built on stumps, can be raised, and built under. Different postcodes have different legal heights that a house can be raised to, meaning you could drastically increase your usable space!

It’s important to look for a company that specialises in lift house and build under services as it’s key to preventing costly mistakes and protecting the foundation of your home. If you love the area you live in, but you’re craving something new, house lifting is a great way to bring new life to your existing house and will give you the feeling of being in a brand-new space.

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Why do people choose a lift house and build under?

Lifting a house and building underneath is a great option if you’re looking to add space to your home. This might be because there’s no room at the side to add an extension, or because the space underneath your house is perfect for building underneath. Adding a second storey can significantly increase the value of your home and offers a great return on investment. If you love your home and just can’t see yourself moving, a lift house and build under is the perfect option to accommodate a growing family.

The top reasons people choose lifting a house and building underneath include:

  • A small block of land: There is no room to an extension to the side of the home.
  • Structure can’t support the second storey: Your home cannot support a storey being added on top.
  • High flood areas: You live in an area prone to floods and wish to protect your home.

Things to consider with a lift house and build under?

Before starting the house lifting process, there are multiple things that need to be considered. Without the necessary planning, you’re bound to run into issues that will hinder the project, delaying it extensively or completely shutting it down. Consult a reliable builder or building company first that specialises in lift house and build under projects so that you can receive the proper information about the process. Some things to consider include:

  • How will you connect the new floors?
  • Would you prefer internal or external stairs?
  • Is there enough space on your property for the home to be raised? This must meet council requirements
  • Will your floor plan need to be reconfigured?
  • Would you like to reposition your home e.g., pushed further back from the street?
  • Will your home need restumping in the process?

The raising a house and building underneath process

With Renovare Mt Gravatt, the lift house and build under process contains important steps that our team of builders undertakes with total care. With crucial planning, engineering and approvals taken care of before any works commence, you can rest assured knowing our team will get the basics done first, so that your lift and build under can happen as smoothly as possible. From there, the magic happens. Our builders will work to separate the existing home from its foundation, raise it onto steel support, and then prop the home up to its approved height.

The next step will require the home to be supported by temporary bracing while new footings and stumps are being completed if it is decided that the home needs re-stumping beforehand. If you choose to extend and close in under house, this will be completed with either a concrete foundation or another subfloor that will utilise the same stumps.

Photos Of Our Recent House Lifting and Build Under House

House lifting, raising, and building underneath

Raising a house and building underneath is the best way to utilise hidden space on your property. Adding anything from extra bedrooms, bathrooms, a new kitchen, living or entertaining areas or even a garage, the possibilities after a lift and build under are endless. Our Renovare Mt Gravatt builders work hard to create an upgraded lifestyle for our customers whether it’s in the form of house lifting, a close in under house project, or a complete renovation transformation. Our talented builders can do it all.

If you’re ready to kickstart the journey of a lift and build under, get in touch the team , your house extension expert today on 0417 404 916 or fill out our online form and a member of our team will be in touch!

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